Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sass Box!

Since my attempt at a video failed miserable, I decided to just take some pictures of my Sassafras Box :)  All this goodness was $45 + $20 shipping, and it was completely worth it in my opinion. There was 5 pounds of paper & embellishment in the box!

First picture is 7 alphas, 2 packages of entwined blooms, 4 packages of in a stitch blossoms, 10 packages of paper whimsies, 2 packages of chipboard alphas, and 2 packages of vintage brooches.

Next picture! Top row is Paper Crush, Amplify, Sweet Marmalade, Monstrosity, and Me Likey. Just a few sheets from each collection. The bottom row is Apple Jack paper and flag banners, and Cherry Delicious paper, flag banners, journal tags, and sweet treats.

Last picture :)  Top row is Nerdy bird paper, flag banners, and sweet treats, and Indie Girl paper, journal tags, flag banners, and sweet treats. Bottom row is a few sheets of Mix & Mend paper, journal tags, and sweet treats, and Count Me In paper, flag banners, journal tags, and sweet treats. 

Now I guess I better get scrappin'!!


  1. Man! I really missed out! Experiencing paper envy.

  2. I also ordered the box Chloe. just haven't picked it up from the post office yet! Now I am even more excited looking at it all!!!! Thanks for the great pics!!!!